how cecily brown does not fulfill my wishes

by minima whatever

This morning I woke up with thoughts about her. I very much want to see her paintings in person. Like maybe they are too pretty, to pleasingly titillating, too flat somehow. That cheerful palette. There is sex, yes, sometimes baconesquely distorted, but i don’t see any of the pain (yet). Not sure if there is any intimacy or vulnerability at all. Looking at her male nudes is refreshing to me, because I do get a strong sense of a woman’s desire from them – but they don’t feel that intimate to me either. A reversal of the usual roles, but no added depth. And the reversal does not feel like enough to me. That alone is not what I want. I find Dumas‘ erotic imagery almost more interesting, even if mostly women. Should read more of her writings. Find myself suddenly very interested in Emin. Especially her collaboration with Bourgeois.

2015-09-14 19.11.59