by minima whatever

Walking from Selfridges to Picadilly Circus yesterday I was struck by how boring fashion seems to be right now. So many high-end boutiques, so many high-end trendy people, but only one and a half that were even remotely interestingly dressed. The rest entirely forgettable. The only interesting shop windows those of Miyake, and even those could have looked exactly the same 10 or 20 years ago. I feel the same walking down Brick Lane, at least about the white people. Everything seems absurdly boring. Not silly or outrageous or weird in a “Oh, I am getting too old for this” kinda way, just lame. I am not grown-up enough for the things people 10 years my junior are wearing nowadays.

Suddenly the urge to dress up as outrageously as I can, me, who hasn’t paid much attention to her wardrobe in years, basically wearing the same set of 2 pants, 2 sweaters and 5 shirts over and over again.

2015-09-02 14.15.18