menstruation culture

by minima whatever

Considering again how many people are menstruating at any given moment it is astonishing how little it is reflected in design, architecture, culture. Apart from blue-blooded advertising and cheap jokes menstruation does not seem to exist.

Thinking about this I am gripped by a longing for the menstruation-huts I vaguely remember reading about in some secondhand anthropology a long time ago. Places where I would not have to hide and pretend this part of my life does not exist or matter (without the whole being cast out whether you want it or not-thing that seems to often go with them).

How surprising it was to read Hillesum write about it so directly in the 1940ies already, even in a journal, even if her experience is very different from mine. The sheer relief of Roche exploding the experience in Feuchtgebiete.

I wonder about the famous menstruation anecdotes of history that we have lost. I am not aware of even one. They must have happened.

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