boldness in drawing

by minima whatever

I am still thinking about how to make my drawing more decisive, or brave (as opposed to ‘timid’, which is how mine have been looking to me lately). But then I started wondering if there is any artist whose drawings I like and would call ‘bold,’ and at first I thought “no, they are all rather subtle.” But of course that is no contradiction. So, ‘decisive’ draughtspeople that come to my mind: Van Gogh in his use of ink and his graphic shorthands; Rembrandt in his quick brush strokes; Schiele in his direct lines. And already my memory stops volunteering. Picasso of course, but then I don’t like him. Matisse. Cezanne not really. Kollwitz, yes, in a slightly indirect way.

What does ‘decisive’ mean, then? How can I learn it, or emphasize it? Because I know I have done it before. Ink, no redrawing, think before you draw. That last bit is probably the most important. But the opposite works as well – draw without thinking (much).

Look more at Japanese and Chinese ink paintings.

2015-09-23 08.06.18