important painter’s former assistant

by minima whatever

A rather pitiful artist’s talk. Maybe because I don’t like his paintings I have the impression his former role is the only reason anyone pays him any mind. His paintings seem neither good, nor surprising or fresh to me. Also not necessarily bad – one for the art societies. Not one that needs to be talked about.

Funny how quickly I get so judgemental. The word I actually had in mind was ‘pathetic.’ Something about a man that age being paid a lot of attention to while mumbling over and over again how he is “trying to find his own language,” seems to be repulsive to me. I wonder why the scorn? Hitting too close to home one way or another? At least that is what your average armchair-Jungian would say. Or bitterness and envy about people being so incredibly lucky and not taking it in stride, not owning it?

2015-09-29 18.17.07