yes all men or smth

by minima whatever

Just minutes after writing to a friend about my delight in James Hillman & Michael Ventura’s ‘We’ve had 100 years of Psychotherapy and the World keeps getting worse’, especially how they connect the political, ecological and psychological, I stumble on Hillman writing about rape. Or rather, against modern conceptions of consent. And I just want to barf all over the place.

It triggers thoughts about my relationships with men, as friends, lovers, family, personal or political ‘allies’. Always men who “aren’t like the others”, always the risk that yes, actually they are. Waiting for the betrayal to happen, almost sure that it will, just wondering what form it will take in this particular instance. Yet at the same time, so much easier to keep relationships of all kinds going with men apparently.

I could write a ‘real’ comment about what Hillman gets wrong about consent. It would not say anything new. Would not help me to understand anything better. Just educate maybe some men who failed to educate themselves. And anyway, that book is too old for anyone to care nowadays.